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Are you tired of large projects with hundreds of players and missing a sense of a close-knit community, a friendly AT. If so, Arcturus is the place for you. A smaller player community, where each individual receives equal attention and care from the AT; fun for long evenings; comfort, and above all, a lag-free project! Below, we introduce the servers we currently operate.

Gregtech New Horizons

Are you looking for a challenge in the form of a modpack? Are you ready to face incredibly tough yet enjoyable quests? Then Gregtech New Horizons is designed for you! Technology, magic, space expeditions, and much more, all meticulously integrated into Greg's tech tree. This modpack is aimed at die-hard GregTech fans and those who crave highly challenging modpacks. Beginners need not be afraid, as the game is guided by explanatory quests. The entire modpack is localized in English. However, this modpack is demanding not only on your brainpower but also on your computer's performance. We recommend having 6GB of RAM. Most servers have extensive blacklists and restrictions, but at Arcturus, we believe in our community. A typical completion time is usually provided for modpacks. Unfortunately, no one has managed it yet. Will it be you?

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Modpack link: Please note that the server is running on modpack version 2.5.1! (The latest version)

The server is hosted by Czech Chillout.

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