StrictGaming invites you to join our RLCraft Server.

Server Addreess:

Since early 2021, we've hosted RLCraft, always prioritizing our players' feedback to ensure they get the top-notch experience they deserve.

We aim to provide a space where players can team up with friends and also make new ones. We run our servers to mirror the authentic RLCraft experience, while adding a few features to enhance multiplayer gameplay and keep players engaged. Recently doubled the border to 200k, tons of unexplored chunks.

  • We have a friendly community, no pay-to-win, and we listen to our community.

  • Friendly Player-Driven Environment: Our community is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Weekly Contests: Every week we have a contest that allows players to engage in building. Theme is picked by players.

  • Mini Games: A big amusement park with mini golf and other games.

  • Escape Rooms / Mazes: If you're looking for a challenge to gain some rewards, we have a maze and escape rooms.

  • Arena: Keep-Items arena to allow players to fight each other without losing items.

  • Player-Only Shops: Control trade and item value on your terms.

  • Claims: Safeguard your area and belongings from griefers. (Yes, mobs/players can still kill you in your claim)

  • TPA (Teleport to Friends): Easily team up with friends or make new allies.

  • Home: Return to your base with ease.

  • Spawn: Amazing spawn hub that was designed and built by our players.

  • Jobs: Engage in unique roles and responsibilities to enhance your gameplay experience.

Our servers are dedicated with 99% uptime, low latency, and we try our best to keep the performance optimal even with 1.12.2 limitations.

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