Welcome to NovaNexus Skyblock! NovaNexus Skyblock offers a thrilling twist on the classic Skyblock experience. Stranded on a small island suspended in the clouds, you'll embark on your own written journey of creativity and survival. Choose from custom easy, normal, or hard islands to match your skill level and preferences.


Island Customization: Build and shape your island into a masterpiece. From humble beginnings to towering citadels, the only limit is your imagination.

Resource Management: Gather resources from your island and beyond to thrive. Mine, farm, and trade to expand your island and unlock new possibilities.

Economy and Trading: Economy with a free ranking system. Climb the ranks or unlock exclusive perks with donor ranks by Donating to our server.

Jobs and Island Missions: Embark on Jobs and quests to earn rewards and money test your skills.

Community Interaction: Join forces with other players, compete in events, and conquer challenges together. Forge friendships and collaborate to reach new heights.

Minions: Buyable minions to help you gain resources! You can also upgrade them to make them better.

Oneblock Skyblock: An auto-regenerating block that spawns differently every time through its phases from mobs to different building blocks and chests.

If your looking for a simple skyblock server to play on, this server is for you. Easy to understand extra features and not overbearing. This is a new server and was recently wiped from a beta stage. If you join the server and link your minecraft player to the server Discord, you'll recieve $2500 in-game cash to start off with. Donor ranks profits are souly used for maintaining the server and plugins.

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