Slimefun | Hundreds of new items and machines! Addons | 25+ Slimefun addons including Networks, Infinity Expansion, Galactifun, and much much more Custom content | 300+ hours of development time for custom Slimefun machines and quality-of-life improvements you won't find anywhere else Ranks | Progress through a free rank system by crafting Slimefun items and gain perks as you rank up Story | Why is there a crashed spaceship deep in the swamp? What happened at Nearbranch? And what the hell is the Nova Event? Come find out! AureliumSkills | McMMO-like skills plugin with our own custom items and custom-coded integration with Slimefun GriefPrevention | Claim your land and prevent griefing with an intuitive golden-shovel method DiscordSRV | Keep up with the server and send messages from Discord Squaremap | Online map ( Terralith | Amazing custom terrain generation LevelledMobs | Mobs get harder and drop more loot as you progress Powerful hardware | 128GB of RAM, top-of-the-range CPU NO pay-to-win | We sell only cosmetic items and are a non-profit server Events | Join our weekly events for escape rooms, PvP events, fishing contests, and the aptly named '2 idiots 1 fireball'

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