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INTRODUCTION We're an automation oriented slimefun server, founded and run by a group of friends, with plugins including Infinity Expansion, Towny, and McMMO. We host a massively expanded end-game. Build powerful factories with Slimefun and it's many addons, manufacturing hundreds of different high-end items. Utilize your tools to their full potential to mass produce nether stars; create level twenty enchants; build sprawling item transport systems; acquire millions of diamonds by feeding ludicrous amounts of energy into quarries. The journey won't be easy, but it is well worth taking. SLIMEFUN ADDONS​​​​​​​ - Dynatech - EcoPower - Electric pawners - ExoticGarden - ExtraTools - ExtraGear - ExtraHeads - FoxyMachines - FluffyMachines - HotbarPets - SoulJars - SlimeTreeTaps - MobCapturer - InfinityExpansion - CompressedMachines (my own plugin, allows you to compress up to 64 smelteries and several other machines into one block to help with server performance and base management) - SlimeCustomiser (adds easier and less server intensive methods to obtain large quantities of coal) OTHER INFORMATION Our ranking system depends on McMMO; to progress through the ranks, you must gain predetermined McMMO levels. Many players grind this manually, but automating this is entirely possible (wink wink). Server hardware is 128GB of RAM, paired with the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X (~5GHz overclocked, 16 cores/32 threads).

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Rank #49
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Online players 6 / 48
Version 1.17.1
Score 2904 (121 votes)
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