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Welcome to MetaMechanists. We're oriented around Slimefun, a plugin that adds hundreds of new items. Design huge factories, automate everything, become invincible, go to space, build cool stuff with custom terrain. Our powerful dedicated server hardware allows for large-scale factories. Unfamiliar with Slimefun? Our community and staff members will be happy to help you learn. Progress through a rank system using a custom plugin by crafting increasingly difficult sets of Slimefun items to rank up and gain access to new commands and perks. The server is entirely volunteer-run and we don’t aim to make money off it. We host events regularly and focus on maintain a strong community, focusing on quality over quantity. Sounds good to you? Drop by on Minecraft using, or join our Discord at See you there :)

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Rank #41
Adress (IP)
Online players 15 / 200
Version 1.19.2
Score 8088 (337 votes)
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