Alexandria SMP [SMP] {1.20.5} {Semi-Vanilla} {Java} {Community} {Whitelisted} {16+}

🏛️ Chill out at Alexandria SMP 🏛️

Kick back and relax in our cozy corner of Minecraft, Alexandria SMP. We're all about building a chill, friendly community with weekly events and plenty of interaction, ensuring a laid-back gaming vibe for everyone.

🎈 Weekly Community Events 🎈

Got some free time on Friday or Saturday? Join us for some low-key events organized by our cool community. Stay connected with Proximity Voice Chat and DiscordSVR, and make some fun memories along the way!

🔧 Datapacks & Plugins 🔧

We've got a cool mix of datapacks and plugins that keep things interesting without messing with the classic Minecraft vibe.

Here's what we're running:

Vanilla Tweaks Packs: Small tweaks for a big impact.
Challenge Packs: Extra goals for those who want 'em.
CoreProtect: Keep your builds safe.
Dynmap: Check out the server from above.
ProximityVoiceChat: Chat with nearby players.
DiscordSVR: Easy Discord-Minecraft chat connection.

📜 Keep it Cool, Keep it Respectful 📜

We're all about good vibes at Alexandria SMP. Our rules are simple - no stealing, griefing, harassment, non-consensual PVP, or cheating. Check out our Discord for the full rundown.

👭 Become part of the Alexandria Crew 👭

If you're 16 or over, love Minecraft and want to be part of a chill, interactive community, come hang out at Alexandria SMP! We're stoked to have you on board!

So, grab your gear, fire up your imagination, and get ready for a chilled-out adventure at Alexandria SMP - where every day brings something new! 💎🌍

You can join us here to get Whitelisted :)

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