welcome to 2l2c.org, it is an up to date Spanish friendly Minecraft vanilla anarchy server with an active admin and good server hardware with an average playercount between 1 - 16. this server is cracked meaning any client can join. If you don't have a Minecraft account and want help joining 2l2c please contact the owner on the discord. Since 2l2c is cracked, you can add alts to your clients like future and impact and 2l2c is optimised to work with minimal kicks and occasional rubber banding. If you are feeling generous and would like to donate to keep the server up and running, please visit: https://paypal.me/2l2c If you want to support the server without paying, you can vote for 2l2c with the vote button down below. thanks for playing and stopping by, if you have any questions please feel free to watch YouTube videos on the official channel or ask chongo the owner if you have any enquires

2l2c banner