The ultimate survival experience with new features and a lot of stuff to explore! 1.19+ !!! We are a Minecraft server that focusses on improvement and adding a variety of fun things to do on the server. It's a Survival server that has been customized to make the experience more fun and special. Examples:

  • Claims, we make sure your stuff and land is protected at all cost! You can buy claimblocks with In-Game money or by just playing!
  • Everything is NO P2W which means everything that you can see at /buy is obtainable in-game! Even crate keys which you can get for example by mining. Why this server?
  • Our server will be maintained each day and will have regular updates.
  • All the suggestions that are made to the server will be looked into.
  • Each bug that occurs, we will make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible.
  • Our community is very humble and friendly and maybe you're the one that hypes it up even more? So, are you ready to join and start your adventure at WildSurvival?
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