🏰 Join The Best Towny Experience on TerminaMC.com! 🌎 IP: TerminaMC.com 🔗 Discord: discord.gg/Termina 🎮 Bedrock (Xbox, PS, iOS, etc) Port: 19132 | Java Port: 25565


💣 TOWN VS. TOWN WARTIME: Own a town? You can declare war on your enemies! As long as at least two of a town's players are online, you can raid their loot! All blocks and buildings regenerate, so there's no risk of losing your builds.

🛡️ PvP: We support all survival play styles! Whether you're all about PvP action, where battles are intense and oh-so-satisfying. Or if you enjoy a passive SMP - join or create a town that suits you!

🌲 Claim Your Part of the Wilderness: With Towny, you can stake your claim in the untamed wilderness and build your dream kingdom. Defend your town during Wartime and rise to the top!

🔝 No Pay-to-Win: We believe in fair play. By simply enjoying the server, you'll earn what you need to rank up and unlock fantastic perks, like Silk Touch Spawners!

🌎 Join Our Growing Community: We're a growing community - our vision is to create the ultimate SMP server where towns clash during Wartime.

💎 Still not convinced? Ask our community yourself! 😎 discord.gg/Termina 💎

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