IP Address Java: summitsurvival.org Bedrock: summitsurvival.org, port 19132 Season 3: 16/02/2023 - at least 1 year

Server Summary:The objective of Summit is to provide a server without many limitations on productive and fun gameplay. Because of this, griefing and hacking are strictly not tolerated, and there is a chest protection plugin. Too many servers are bloated, with players being bogged down by additions like claims, McMMO, Towny, Crates or kits when joining. Returning to the roots of SMP, we have attempted to perfect the fundamentals of simple semi-vanilla gameplay with a few extra and well refined features!

Why are we a semi-vanilla server instead of vanilla? We have a few features:

  • The ability to set 2 configurable waypoints with /sethome
  • The ability to teleport to spawn with /spawn
  • Gold can be used as official currency
  • Amethyst buds can be mined using Silk Touch
  • Villagers can be leaded like any other mob
  • Death coordinates in chat upon death

There are also some things we have avoided adding intentionally:

  • You cannot teleport to other players (/tpa)
  • There are no forms of land claming but chests can be protected
  • You cannot travel back to previous locations (/back)
  • Evokers will not drop Totems
  • No crates, kits or P2W donor perks.

Server Information:

  • Hard difficulty, vanilla spawn rates
  • PvP enabled in the Nether and End, disabled in Overworld
  • Hosted on dedicated, top tier hardware
  • Located in California USA Hope to see you ingame, thanks for reading this far!-C
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