Server description

Server SH-MC tries to be a fair server to everyone, with some small tweaks (like mining spawners with unique pickaxe, along with elytra, that can be bought for some special items on Spawn) and a VIP, which does not give any rewards that breaks normal game behaviour. If you want more info about the server, you can just ask on Discord at Keep in mind that the server is Czech and most people speak Czech.

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Server info
Rank #57
Adress (IP)
Online players 5 / 32
Version 1.17.1
Score 2575 (515 votes)
Top 5 voters
#1 InterfectoR_CZ InterfectoR_CZ 116x
#2 ShadowHacker ShadowHacker 75x
#3 Servant_99 Servant_99 74x
#4 taSorr taSorr 52x
#5 B0banek B0banek 32x