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SemiSurvivalCraft Welcome to SemiSurvivalCraft! We're a Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft server with Grief Protection, Claims, RTP, Set Homes, No economy, and more! We support both Java and Bedrock version of Minecraft so you can join and play on any device. We aim to provide the best Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft experience with a few extra protections and amenities. ❇ Semi Vanilla ❇ Multiple Sethomes ❇ Random Teleport ❇ Land Claims ❇ Grief Protection ❇ TPA / Player Teleport ❇ Hard Mode Server ❇ Large Biome Generation ❇ No Economy Plugins ❇ Free Ranks ❇ Vivecraft Supported: Minecraft VR Server ❇ Crossplay: Java + Bedrock ❇ Proximity Voice Chat ❇ Always Stay Up to date And a whole lot more! If your playing on Java Minecraft join us at For all other devices (Bedrock accounts, Windows 10, Mobile, Console, etc...) join us at Port 19132. Need Help? Join us on discord! Thanks for playing SemiSurvivalCraft!

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Version 1.19 (22w14a)
SemiSurvivalCraft 1.19
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