• BOXFIGHT - This minigame has only been with us for a short time, but we still have plans to improve it. You'll find balanced economy, nexus, crates and we also have server season specials.

• PRACTICE - Would you like to practice your PvP skills or just play a match against others? That's what we offer at our Practice. We have PvP bots to train your PvP with lots of modes to choose from, you can also choose the difficulty of the bots. There is also the option to play normal matches with players or with a party.

• BUILDFFA - All players are up against everyone and have the task of killing the most players and thus earn money for new items that are in the shop. Every 30 minutes the map changes and there are plenty of maps to play.

• MLGRUSH - You will find 1vs1 (2x1) or 1vs1vs1vs1vs (4x1) game modes with lots of maps to choose from. VIP players can also choose their own cosmetics like blocks and sticks.


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