• BOXFIGHT - A sophisticated BoxFight server that is customized for a quality experience. We offer cratex, nexus, season specials and VIP zone.

• PRACTICE - Ranked and unranked mods with lots of kits to choose from. There is also the possibility to practice PvP against PvP bots, where there are 4 bot difficulties.

• BUILDFFA - Players are tasked with killing other players and thereby earning coins for new items that are in the shop. Every 30 minutes the map changes.

• BEDWARS - Solo and Doubles modes in the style of Hypixel. We also offer BedWars Practice where you can practice Bridging, MLG and Fireball/TNT Jumping.

• MLGRUSH - 1vs1 (2x1) or 1vs1vs1vs1 (4x1) modes. VIP players can choose their own cosmetics like block and stick.


STORE |  1.8 - 1.20 banner