Welcome to Raid Lands, in the server you must protect your base to prevent players from raiding and destroying your base. Our server features nostalgic terrain from older versions of Minecraft which is in many different zones. We also have a friendly community which can help you out and become a team member of your base!

We also feature ranks that players can earn by playing the server for a certain period of time, and the higher ranks having perks such as a different text color in the chat.

Terrain version zones:

  • Until 616 blocks in any direction: Beta 1.7 terrain
  • Until 1320 blocks in any direction: 1.6 terrain
  • Until 2776 blocks in any direction: 1.12 terrain
  • After 2776 blocks in any direction: Modern terrain

Supported versions: 1.9.x - 1.20.x Server IP: raidlands.org Community Discord: discord.gg/KdSeAD3

Raid Lands banner