Welcome to Ore and Lore!

A Casual vanilla Minecraft RP and Worldbuilding Server in Beta! Join us at play.oreandlore.net We have 100% uptime and a constant 20 TPS.

  • Stable economy using the jobs plugin to make money.
  • Custom prefixes, ranging from baker to tax-collector.
  • Nation Building, forge your own empire.
  • Diplomatic interactions between nations.
  • Large scale diplomatic disputes, wars, and battles with our custom Domination style war plugin
  • Bandits ravaging camps and towns making the playground more exciting and alive.
  • Brewery plugin and custom foods for people who like to brew alcohol and make custom foods.
  • Unique fine tuned custom world gen to explore our breath-taking world.

Join us today on a new adventure and make history, join nations or make your own!

Server Info: IP: play.oreandlore.net Discord: https://discord.gg/oreandlore Version: 1.18.2 Compatible Versions: 1.8 > 1.19 World Size: 15,000 x 15,000 Overworld Mentionable Plugins: Over 90 unique plugins including: Lands, Jobs, Mythic Mobs, Brewery, Dynmap, Dungeons, Angel Chests, Coreprotect, and Many custom made plugins that can't be experienced anywhere else.

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