OpLand Network v2 is a redesigned OpLand Network project. In the past, OpLand Network focused only on OpSurvival, but that is not the case here.

OpLand Network v2 offers:

  • OpSurvival - survival, but in the OP version, designed for creativity in the world.
  • OpSkyblock - skyblock, but in the OP version, designed for the crativity of building on islands.
  • OpBoxfight - boxfight, but in the OP aspect.
  • OpSMP - special SMP, only for VIP ranks and admin team.

OpLand Network v2 is an overall European project, so it is entirely in English. Nevertheless, not one of our offered features is translated in Slovak and reserved for the CZ/SK community, for example our discord.

The project is quite small for a team, there is only one owner (me - FilipeeX) and one management. We also don't have an excessive amount of positions in the admin team and we choose honestly.

OPLAND NETWORK v2 thumbnail