🌎Come check out Neatobuilds!🌎

🌐IP: mc.neatobuilds.com

🗺️Dynmap: https://map.neatobuilds.com/ (see all that empty space for the build of your dreams? Our player Claims are displayed on the Dynmap so you know EXACTLY where your neighbors are)

💬Discord available upon request

What makes us just like everyone else; you know, the usual things other servers have:

🏴Claims. If you build it, we will protect it.

👮Everyone has access to Core Protect inspect to monitor your own items.

⭕Warps and Home….need to get to the player mall fast and grab a few stacks of wood? /warp mall Need to get back home? /home yourname. Super easy.

🪵Resource server so you don’t ruin your terrain farming sand (1.19.1)

🪄Creative server available to build test.

🚜1.18 terrain out to 15k world border, 15-25k is 1.19.1

📜The Rules are simple. 1. Don’t be a jerk (don’t steal, don’t grief, conduct yourself like a nice human in chat because there’s often younger kids online, etc). 2. No exploits. If you have to ask if it’s an exploit, it probably is.

What makes us different:

*Most of us are extreme long-term builders. I personally have been working on my base on Neatobuilds for 4 years. When terrain gets updated, we don’t delete the server and start over, we take the time to World Edit EVERYONE’S base onto a new server, so no progress is lost.

*Community Farms galore. We have a massive gold/exp farm to repair your tools and gear. Iron, tree, pickle, ice, witch, and guardian farms are also available and easy to get to using warps. We make these farms public on purpose...we want you to enjoy building and make gathering materials as easy as possible.

*We are an archive server. Do you have a schematic from another server or single player that you’d like to continue building? Well, pull it out of storage and bring it with you to Neatobuilds. We welcome people to bring along their favorite projects and we will use World Edit to place them in a spot of your choosing. Schematics should be no bigger than 500k blocks each for easy pasting (slice your mega base into sections, please!) and each person is allotted 3 schematics to begin with. Exceptions can be negotiated if you have a large build you need moved.

*Bring your kids and family. Very community-oriented server and we know it’s sometimes fun to grab an island and build something cool with your kids. Chat is clean and we tolerate no abusive behavior to encourage people to spend time gaming with their families. We do expect you to supervise your younger kids and the mods will not hesitate to contact you if there’s an issue.

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