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Lush Lands is a brand new survival server for premium Minecraft users that supports both Java & Bedrock clients (Bedrock port 19132). We like to keep things as simple as possible here, whilst enhancing the ordinary survival gameplay. Enter the IP ( in to your server list to enter your new favourite survival server.. If you're looking for server without too many features that confuse you, where the community is friendly & helping, where the server hardware is top-notch to prevent lag, where the owner has lots of experience & where P2W doesn't exist - then you don't need to search further. :) Our main standouts: - 14 ranks to rank-up through - An un-OP economy - Land claiming (/lands) - Skills - Some really nice quality of life addons - Player warps & chest shops - Cryptocurrency trading with in-game money - Chat games - A non P2W donator rank

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Rank #694
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Online players 15 / 120
Version 1.19 (22w14a)
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