Lunar Multiverse SMP dedicated for community events & game nights:

Our server is based out of neuro-divergent communities, but still kept open for everyone to enjoy. Our Discord has strict anti-raid, advertising protection. Do not post invite links.

We have added a lot of custom mobs to enhance survival experience and features, also have a resource pack which you DO need to Enable in your client settings of the server.

RPG Elements are added to enhance gameplay mechanics Our server has added many important mechanics that make our server what it is. You're free to travel anywhere you want in open multiworld, but not all worlds can be easily accessed with-out being properly geared, or equipped, or you just freely mine in a peaceful world without any harms coming from depths of caves or nights. Server has several world types! Server Information: IP:

Land-Claim GUIs for easy landclaims Custom Shop McMMO PVPToggle Space RPG Elements in-game PluralKit

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