Kamienok (pebble) is a community of Minecraft players who enjoy uncomplicated survival in friendly company. We play with mutual respect and try not to be a burden to others so that we can avoid needless conflict. We don't play one against another, but rather cooperate or play independently from each other.

Our game mode is vanilla-style simple survival with some enhancements (semi-vanilla), but we also deal in creative and custom minigames. If you would like to give it a try, apply for the whitelist on our Discord server and you will hear from us shortly. You need an original Minecraft account to connect.

What we offer:

• a wonderful community of seasoned, but also new players • a stable and amicable space for your survival without unnecessary obstacles and griefing • a high level of support and quick response time in case of any issues • balanced vanilla enhancements (e.g. teleportation) • Dynmap • enhanced Nether and End using top quality datapacks • a few of our own minigames to pass some time • the possibility to use our creative world • the possibility to open your own villager shop in the public marketplace

The applications are now open for new players.

Kamienok banner