Our server is a survival server lead by the Minecraft community, built by the Minecraft community. All our staff are just everyday players, we support the Minecraft community by providing a fully community run server hosted on us. The only rules are treat others with respect, don't swear, no hacks, no trolls. We now support older versions of Minecraft clients. So you don't need to be on the latest versions. Try logon with your current version today!

Don't forget to vote for our community lead server by clicking here! Join our active discord community to keep up to date https://discord.gg/3MD9cwmw4A

Rule | Punishment [1] Be Kind and Respectful - Jail/Kick/Temp Ban [2] No Hacks allowed - Instant ban [3] Don't Grief! - Kick/Temp Ban/Instant Ban [4] Spamming or Advertising - Mute/Jail/Kick/Temp Ban These rules are at the discretion of the staff members online.


IP Address: mc.jshosting.co.uk Port: 19133 If you playing on Xbox you will need to download an app to logon to this server, you also have to be connected to the same network as your Xbox.

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