IdeologyCraft [Vanilla][Geopolitical][Challenge][Raiding/Wars] {Towny}{Flag Wars}{Custom Plugins}{Essentials}

Do you like friendly communities where everyone respects each other? Stop reading this post because this server is not for the faint of hearts and definitely the opposite of well regulated community, so if you think you can withstand the pressure then please continue reading.

Im AtomicWarlock the creator of IdeologyCraft a minecraft server I created it for one simple reason, giving everyone a platform in minecraft to have their own country with their own Ideology not limited to fascism and nazism but there is some rules about this stuff tho, because you cant do that on EarthSMP, Rathnir, or any other geopolitical server i know, so i made this, and with some plugins and the help of my friend, IT specialist EnderCrypt (creator of plugin EnderCrypt's Challenge) we turned minecraft from that game we all once loved but now find boring into something enjoyable again, its Towny based but we made a custom nuke which can be placed on claims but is very difficult to get, and very annoying to get bombed with, even makes radiation that makes mobs mutated, and its a gold economy so we made it that you are able to hire raiders, which you are able to tell to follow you, or patrol, they get 5x more health, gain regeneration when on your side and kill anything in its way so be careful with them around your friends, and there is guns so you build your industries and grind iron so you build your weaponary, and then you can just flex your successful nation you run, feels so great everytime i write in the chat i feel so important because im the prime minister in my nation and i own so much land + i can harrass anyone with the army of pillagers i can just get from my HQ, make them patrol outside enemy towns and just snipe players, and speaking of you can also declare wars if the towns are not neutral, so basicly you just claim land, get powerful, stockpile weapons and money, build industry and market (chestshop) and build your army, and view progress on real-time dynmap:, so basicly its the ultimate macho simulator in my opinion, at least it hits hard in my ape brain, i even made a trailer for it my first edit pls dont judge :

IdeologyCraft banner