Welcome to HeartSMP - The Ultimate LifeSteal Adventure!

❤️ Game Style: LifeSteal 🔥 Available for: Java & Bedrock Players

What is LifeSteal? In HeartSMP, every time a player is defeated, they lose one heart. The victorious player gains this heart and earns some bonus money. Beware! Losing all your hearts leads to a punishment – you'll be jailed at the spawn point for a specific amount of time!

Exciting Features:

  • Deadly Natural Disasters: Experience the thrill with storms, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, meteor falls, and many more.
  • Advanced Physics: Enjoy a more realistic Minecraft experience with improved physics.
  • Customized Lands: Claim and manage your own piece of the HeartSMP world.
  • Enchantments & Envoys: Discover custom enchantments and special envoys falling from the sky in the warzone.
  • AFK Zone & Auction House: Safely idle and get rewards in the AFK Zone and trade items in the Auction House.
  • Cosmetics & Fun: Express yourself with fun cosmetics.

BloodMoon Event – Every 5 Days! When the BloodMoon rises, get ready for:

  • Extraordinary mob loot.
  • Stronger, tougher mobs.
  • Special mob effects.
  • HeartSMP combines the thrill of survival with the excitement of unique challenges. Join us for an unforgettable Minecraft experience where every heartbeat counts!
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