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Hardcore Anarchy 1.18.1 ip: Anarchy: A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. On our server we provide a platform to cause mayehem in the purest form of vanilla. However, watch your step, because one small slip could lead to your demise followed by a weeks long ban. With our newly generated map nothing is off the table. Create amazing monuments for all to see, or better yet, this is an anarchy sever...burn it to the ground. Amass a group of individuals to build up your base far from spawn to hide from those looking to grief. Once you've acquired you're necessary tools and armor then it's time to raid and steal from others. Good Luck, and remember, DONT DIE! We are running on a 32GB dedicated server. We will update the server with the latest version to ensure the server is up to date with all new fixes additions. Our host has 10+ years of experience hosting Minecraft servers since indev.

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Version 1.18.2
Pufferfish 1.18.2
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