Welcome to Grimwood! We are a whitelisted server that has rolled four previous SMPs into one complete community. Our goal is to continue garnering an awesome player base where we can all build and have fun together. Apply on Discord: dsc.gg/grimwoodmc

If you are looking for a place to create new friendships and experiences, this is the server for you!

Our structure is primarily a vanilla server, though we do have some extra features to offer. The biggest of which being dungeons with custom mobs; these are meant to be taken on with a team (or solo if you're up for a challenge!). As well as a player created market where you are able to buy and sell with others in Grimwood.

The Great War has ended, peace is in our grasps! Help rebuild Grimwood from the devastation of war. Beware though, peace isn't fulfilled yet, Malichias is still around and it is up to you to stop him...

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