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Tired Of Greedy Pay To Win Servers Forcing You To Give Them Your Money Or You will get destroyed By Some Kid Who Paid for Op Kits? Tired Of Absurdly Long Queue Wait Times, Nitpicky Rules, Abusive Admins? Well Look No Further Than GlowBerryMC! GlowBerryMC Is Updated On The Newest Version Of Minecraft 1.18.1 And Has Wonderful Performance! Also You Don't Need To Worry About Nitpicky rules Or Abusive Admins Because There Are no rules! (Unless You Lag Out the server) And On top of that there are no Long Waits In Queue! And Say Goodbye To Expensive Priority Queue! And Come Join Over On And Play Awesome Anarchy Today!

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Rank #367
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Online players 1 / 100
Version 1.19.1
§2 1.19.2!
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