Hey!,We're a BRAND NEW group of Bow PvPers who want to showcase our mode and that it can be the Star of the Show. All Game Maps are designed to look nice while also being functional for bow pvpers (WE DESIGN OUR ARENAS TO PREVENT CAMPING).

What We Got: 1) Duels/Training (ALL BOW)

  • 3 Ranged Specialization Modes (Long Range, Mid Range, Short Range)
  • 5 Total Ranked Modes (LR, MR, SR, etc.)
  • 5 Challenge Modes (EndFighters, HaloKit, Terrae, etc.)
  • 1 Classic Mode for the old heads :eye_roll:

2) 5v5 Minis (STILL ALL BOW) Coordinate with your team (5 Class Types) to push back the enemy lines and destroy their Amethyst Crystal Generator in this 2-shot kill mode.

3) Frontiers (.......work in progress.)

Our community has members from all across the MC Archery communities, from Turf Wars to OITQ to DodgeBolt to 1.9 Tier Test to Hypixel Bow Guilds to Badlion Bow Duelers! We know Bow PvP can rise to the TOP and will work tirelessly to make it happen!

Join our Efforts on Discord!: https://discord.gg/cd9AzQrewJ

Join Our IP: play.ghocom.net

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