Explorer's Eden focuses on enhancing the usual gameplay loop without loosing the vanilla feel. No matter if you want to roam around and explore the outer wilds with all it's structures and dungeons, or just want to start building your dream base, we provide you with a place to just enjoy the game.

And if you just need a break from all the survival gameplay, you can enjoy one of our games or just build something cool in creative which might end up in our survival world generation for the outer wilds.

Our growing community is friendly and welcoming to every new player who wants to give the server a fair chance and is always up for a good joke. The vast majority of players are grown ups who enjoy the game as well as the company of others.

The Server is and always will be free to play with all it's features for everybody including you as long as you are a respectful person towards other players. Trolls, Hacker and Cheaters on the other hand are not welcomed and will be baned.

🌻 Seasons ☁️ Creative Plot Server ⚔️ Prime Dungeon 🛡️ Mob Arena 🦿 Parkour 💰 Economy 🎒 Backpacks ⌨️ Discord Chat Integration 🗺️ Online Livemap 👮 Lands/Claim System 💠 And many more

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