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→About us We are a relatively young server with a friendly community, active owner and a lot of options →What do we offer Server has jobs and economy, including player chestshops, where you can get a warp if you request, there also is /shop with "RPG-like" items with higher enchants (Efficiency X, etc...) that you can buy. Server is for those who want to play regular survival with economy elements without useless plugins →Version You can connect to the server with any 1.16 client (1.16.1 and higher) That is due to the inconvenience factor of having to install a new version along with OptiFine and mods (Fabric, etc...) →Contact and socials Instagram: @dogecraft.server Discord: Server is almost exclusively Czech/Slovakian speaking, but I (the owner) speak almost perfect English.

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Version 1.16.1
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