Welcome to Districts-MC, the Minecraft server where you can explore and experience different worlds or 'districts'. The districts together form the spawn area and offer an endless amount of possibilities to play and discover. Whether you're in the mood for creative building or battling monsters in a beautiful city, you can do it all with us. Furthermore, the longer you play, the higher your rank and therefore the more permissions you have. This allows you to visit and discover more worlds.

To keep the experience enjoyable for everyone on Districts-MC, we have established a set of rules. The most important rule is that we respect each other. In addition, cheats, hacks, and mods that make playing easier are not allowed. Destroying other people's creations (griefing), spamming, and unwanted advertising are also not allowed. We trust that all players will follow the instructions of the administrators.

To make the experience even better for everyone, we have taken extra measures against griefing. It is not possible to grief and you can claim your land or buildings using our faction plugin. Hackers and griefers are immediately permanently banned.

Curious about the plugins we have installed? Feel free to check out our 'Plugins' tab to learn more.

In short, on the Districts-MC server, you can enjoy an old-fashioned survival atmosphere while also enjoying all the modern possibilities that the game has to offer. Don't wait any longer and come play on our server!

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