Comet Network | 1.19.3 | Java | LandClaims | Magic| Economy |

► What makes CometNetwork different from others? ► Economy-based survival world ► Buyable and customizable Player shops ► Claimable land ► Magic Spells to help get your way through your Journey ► MC-MMO Level-based skills with unique abilities. ► Easy to use Player Shops used to sell and buy items ► Vanilla+ Plugins ( Inventory & Chest Sorting & More! ) ► Towny Based Survival Including Nations and Clans ► Over 20+ Custom Magic spells! ► Player cosmetics to stand out from the crowd ►Mob and Player Head Drops FAQ: Q: What version can I join with? A: 1.19.3 Lastest Version Of Minecraft Q: Can I join if I am on JAVA? A: Yes! Totally! We are a Java Minecraft server! More info on how to join with JAVA in the Discord!

Discord: Server IP: Play.CometNetwork.Net

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