Block Horizon is an adults only, whitelisted server. Check out our website to join our Discord and get added to the whitelist.

Welcome to Block Horizon where a network of fun awaits. Check out our Survival server with our themed player run shopping district, server economy and daily, weekly and monthly challenges. Claim your land with our land claims system, grab your own post box in our Post Office and hand out with our awesome community.

If you're feeling creative, switch over to our creative server where you can claim your own area to let your imagination run wild. Want to test build ideas for the survival server or just want to go crazy building? Anything goes on the creative server.

Done building and want to have some fun? Check out the selection of games available on our mini-games server. This server is also being used for our upcoming Skyblock series - so there's always something to do on Block Horizon!

Block Horizon banner