Welcome to ♆ Atlantix World ♆ !

Atlantix is a community driven Semi-Vanilla Survival Multiplayer Server with quality of life plugins such as GriefPrevention and Tree Gravity and basic commands like /sethome, /rtp, /tpa etc…

❀ We really are looking to have a nice and kind place to play with people from all horizons. We are trying to build a community where everyone feels safe and can have fun and meet other players! ❀

Additional features are : ➤ Comprehensive staff ➤ Rewards for voting → ranks with perks and keys for vote crates ➤ Marketplace where you can create your own shop to sell items and blocks in exchange for any other item or block, with diamonds being the main currency (TradeShop). ➤ Player Warps and Events ➤ Silk touch spawners ➤ Ability to have jukebox playing continuously with the discs you have collected ➤ /givepet ➤ Choose to have your chests sort automatically with /chestsort ➤ No keep inventory

We strive to create a fun and chill environment to play in :) Create towns and events and play with friends !

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