We're a vanilla SMP on hard difficulty with a friendly creative community. We're all inclusive and always seeking out new and unique players. No teleports or warps. For an immersive experience. 100% vanilla economy with an active shopping district. Roleplaying is welcomed. PVP is by consent only. We have events, custom (vanilla) games, competitions, challenges, and so much more. Join us today and see for yourself!

Join our Discord for whitelist: https://discord.gg/U3k9ums2AH

Bedrock Edition player support via Geyser plugin:

If you're playing on Bedrock Edition (Win10, XBox, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, etc.) You can connect thanks to support provided by the Geyser plugin.

Keep in mind that this is a Java server not a realm. To connect click on the servers tab when starting up your game. Although you may be using a Bedrock client. All of your builds and redstone should be designed for Java Minecraft!

To connect on Bedrock Edition:

  1. Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/U3k9ums2AH

  2. Attempt to connect. It will fail but that's on purpose. This lets our plugin know you exist!

  3. Then get whitelisted via Discord. One of our staff should add you shortly.

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