The Altering SMP is a SMP that anyone can join. It is a public SMP where we do random plugins and datapacks every season. As a example, one season we could have the Bliss plugin on the server, and then on the next the Lifesteal plugin. Come join in and have some fun! We are glad to have new members, and we encourage you to invite some friends. Our community is very nice and has available help if you need it. We hope to see you in the server!

💫︱Friendly Community ❤️︱Free-To-Play Friendly Minecraft Server 💤︱Semi-Active community 🚨︱Active staff support

🔑︱Join the Fun! 🎮︱IP: 🌊︱Port 58975

<a:Warden:849839123988873216> BlissSteal Season 2 now out!<a:Warden:849839123988873216>

Alteringsmp Private Coming soon

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