Welcome to The LegionSMP, A small community looking to reach out to new members & expand! We offer an impressive list of features that is expanded upon & perfected each day : Level up your skills with our interactive skills system to unlock new powerful items, armour sets, talismans, pets & even dungeons! Discover hidden skills and progress your character to its highest form as you grind through the world of Legion!

-=¤ Custom Overworld and Nether Generation ¤=- -=¤ Claims, Lands, Kingdoms & Wars ¤=- -=¤ Custom Modeled & Animated Pets, Mobs & Bosses ¤=- -=¤ Custom Textured Armour, Weapons, Items & Rare Artefacts ¤=- -=¤ Custom Enchantments ¤=- -=¤ Skills and Progression ¤=- -=¤ Custom Mob Loot Tables ¤=-

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