Venture into the Incursion, a unique Minecraft Dungeon Crawler experience, ingeniously designed to offer a ceaseless combat adventure unlike any other. Rise as the conqueror of daunting dungeons, forge powerful weapons, vanquish formidable raid bosses, and ascend through the ranks, solidifying your name in the server's legendary history. With a complex skill system, diverse attributes, and a vast arsenal of unique weaponry, Incursion delivers an immersive experience, catered specifically for enthusiasts of epic battles against mythical foes. Embark on your new journey today - your epic quest in the Incursion awaits!

Make sure you are using version 1.18.2! Optifine is highly recommended! Join with Minecraft Java edition Open Minecraft and click the Multiplayer tab and click Add Server Paste the IP the Add Server option and toggle "Server Resource Packs" to "Enabled" Click Join and enjoy playing Incursion RPG!

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