Bidoof Sanctuary! [1.16.5] Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11

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Are you tired of joining Pixelmon servers that promise to be non-pay-to-win, only to disappoint you? Look no further – Bidoof Sanctuary is the perfect server for you! Unlike other servers, we don't offer paying ranks, with the exception of our Donator rank instead, we've developed our own custom /rankup plugin that rewards you for your dedication and playtime.

At Bidoof Sanctuary, we believe in a pure gaming experience without crates or keys that hand out items. We embrace a semi vanilla-style gameplay, keeping everything fresh and fun. Join us today for an authentic and fair Pixelmon adventure!"

Our In-Game Features include:

🌟Free Ranks: Enjoy a rank-up system based on playtime, not your wallet. 🔨Jobs: Earn as you play with our job system. 🗳️Vote Rewards: Get rewarded for supporting the server with your votes. 🌐Custom Warps: Convenient teleportation to various locations. 🏪NPC Shops: Stock up on building blocks, held items, materials, and more. 🌴Safari: Explore and capture Pokémon in our custom-designed Safari. ⚖️EV's: Hone your Pokémon's prowess with our EV training feature. 🌍BYG Biomes: Dive into the diverse world of BYG biomes. 💪Gyms: Challenge yourself against formidable gym leaders to prove your skills. 🤝Clans: Unite with like-minded players to conquer new challenges together.

Our server is currently in its beta stage, some features may not be fully operational yet. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make this server the best it can possibly be!

Dive into the Pixelmon: Reforged modpack's latest version [1.16.5] and connect with our vibrant community.


Updated on 01/04/24

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