Welcome to VITA CRAFT!

Community of Adventurers: So join our diverse community and experience an adventure full of events, competitions and endless possibilities!

Experiences around every corner:

Competitions and events: Having fun couldn't be easier! Take part in our unforgettable events and competitions that await you at every turn.

Riches in Crates: Discover mysterious treasure chests where rare and valuable items await you to use to further your adventure. Grow your world, grow your wealth:

Jobs Economy: Create your path to wealth with our thriving jobs economy. Work, build and prosper in the world of VITA CRAFT!

Technological Wonders of SlimeFun: Enter the fascinating world of SlimeFun, where you can discover and create new technological wonders that will change the way you look at Minecraft!

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discord server: https://dsc.gg/vitacraftserver