Faction Raiding, Minus the Long Distances. (Beta 1.8)

RaidBox is a Semi-Anarchy, Faction Raiding SMP with a 2k World Border and No Land Protection. The more players come in, the bigger the border gets. ;D

Capture Mobs with Eggs (Season 1) Kill Giant Zombies for Unique (vanilla) Loot TNT Jump (also works with creepers) Fight with snowballs

/Clan /Home /Kit (one is a knockback 3 stick)

I'm open to implementing your ideas!

Since we've had some people come in, there are a few bases to raid and friends to meet. Our more regular players seem to miss each other and log in when nobody is on, so I created a discord to connect the community.

Discord: https://discord.gg/44XF3db3 Personal Website: http://noah-chase.com IP:

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