Los Terrallamas is a Java/Bedrock server Located in the Kansas, United States and will provide you excellent ping anywhere in the United States because of it's centralized location. The server is constantly updated and is currently version 120.4 but has support for 1.9 and up. It is a Lifesteal SMP server with features like grief prevention/land claims, teams, and a gem-based economy. The server's main world is called Los Terralamas, but it is part of a multiverse. At spawn there is an entrance to other worlds. One is a 2000:1 scale map of North America called North Merica. North Merica is set in the year 2099 and has some challenges that make this sorta a side quest. The other world is called "The Chill Zone". This world was created for those who just want to build and chill and pvp is not enabled in this world.

Players will begin with only 10 hearts, which they can increase up to 20 by killing other players or crafting. If another player kills a player, they drop a heart, loot, and 15% of their gem balance. If all hearts are lost, the player is temporarily banned for 15 minutes and will respawn with only 8 hearts if they join again. All mobs have a chance of dropping gems more difficult mobs drop more gems (with the exception of the enderman due to farming issues). Gems then can be used to purchase speciality or hard to find items. You may also earn gems through trading or setting up a shop and selling items you own.

Los Terralamas also uses the Simple Voice Chat plugin for Java players who want to use it and a Discord server to help players communicate and form teams. The Discord also lists all the commands and information about the server.

Discord: https://discord.gg/V8M4dSuKqK


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