Just updated to 120.3 for you bedrock players who cant connect to other servers. Non pay to win SMP . The server currently consists of the Main World Los Terralamas but there is an portal to North Merica a 2000 to 1 scall custom map of North America. North Merica is more difficult to beat than a typical Minecraft world and is set in the Year 2099. The server has Grief Prevention/Land Claim, Team creation and a gem based economy system. You start of with 10 hearts and can kill for or craft more up to 20. If you are killed by another player you drop a heart, loot and 15% of your holding gem balance. If you loose all your hearts you will be temporaly banned for 15 min at which you may rejoin and but you will only have 8 hearts to start with. Hearts may be removed and traded or stored. Mobs have a 25% chance of droping gems. It also has the plugin Simple Voice Chat for thoses who have the mod and would like proximity chat with other Java players. Simple Voice Chat is a Java only mod so for those with Bedrock there is a dedicated Discord for the server. There you may create a team voice channel or recruit members to your team. In the Discord you will also find commands and info regarding the Minecraft server.https://discord.gg/V8M4dSuKqK

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