introduces a new Czech-Slovak game server specializing in survival and various types of minigames. This ambitious project was created thanks to the initiative of five individuals who share the desire to create game servers with maximum quality while avoiding the Pay-to-Win concept that often characterizes most Czech-Slovak servers.

Currently, you can enjoy OneBlock and the popular GunGame minigame on the server. We are constantly trying to expand the content of the server with new elements that will provide players with fun and long-term motivation to play.

At this stage of development, we are focusing on adding various missions and quests to provide variety and fun for our server players. There are also various perks that players can purchase. Alternatively, perks can be obtained by voting for our server, which contributes to its popularity and development. Your support is a key factor in maintaining the quality and diversity of our gaming environment.

| OneBlock |

Here you will have a unique experience in creating and developing your own island. With a variety of upgrades for your island, engaging missions and quests that, when completed, will open up the opportunity to upgrade your island to the next level. You can also trade with other players, strategize and work together to achieve common goals.

| GunGame |

Enter a world of endless action and excitement on our GunGame server! The goal of this mode is simple - kill other players and upgrade your equipment. With each successful kill you get a better weapon and armor, allowing you to become an even deadlier opponent. Take out your opponents and progress to higher levels to gain access to exclusive power-ups and boost your chances of victory. Join us for a fast-paced, intense and extremely fun game on our GunGame server! thumbnail