Server Name: GPG Server IP: Server Version: Minecraft Version 1.20.1, ATM9 version 0.2.15 Discord: Modpack:

  • Tech, magic, bosses, quests, economy, claims, much more
  • No Microtransactions, period.
  • Adult Admin Team
  • No unusual rules, interventions, and expectations - your sandbox

How To Acess Server

  1. Download the compiled pack with all the mods used by the GPG server (or manually download ATM9 and all additional mods; list found below)
  2. Go to a Forge supported launcher(such as Curseforge)
  3. Import/Add the downloaded zip pack to it.
  4. Right click the imported profile and go to options. Allocate at least 8gb ram for optimal performance. Don't allocate too much.
  5. Launch and go.
  6. Create a ticket in our discord if you are unable to join a server.

Modpack: Optional Mods: Canary (performance, insert inside ATM9 Modpack's mod folder)

Individual Additional Mods (If you install the mods manually you will need to add this into your ATM9 modpack's mod folder) Pehkui EpheroLib (Library) Shoppy Medieval Origins Revival Origins Simple Voice Chat

GPG's ATM9 415+ Mods banner