Hey! Welcome to Zombies!

IP: minecraftzombies.net

We are a new server inspired by Hypixel's Zombies! The minigame is custom coded. I (Mauppi) have spent the last 3 weeks coding the first version, and we have now published it live! (Alpha V1 was released 27.5.2023)

We try to update this server as much as possible, but keep in mind that the only ones making this are: me (Mauppi) & my friend / the server co-owner (E_A_T)

As of writing this, these are the biggest features right now available:

  • 1 Game map (More Coming soon)
  • 4 Weapons
  • A Few Achievements
  • Many Custom Mobs (More to come with new maps)
  • Permanent Upgrades with virtual currency got from games
  • Rounds
  • 1 Boss
  • Different Armors

We have done our best to balance & bug fix this game, but there can be some game breaking bugs as this is still Alpha V1. If you like this description, we'd be happy if you want to come try the server out!

(FYI, currently we have only 1 game server setup, but if we get an influx of players, i will setup more instances!) (+ Before we setup a dev server, maintenances are very frequent! Thank you for being patient and understanding.)

Thanks to E_A_T & the first players that have come to check the server out so far, it has been so amazing to receive great feedback to a big project we have been working on! :)

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