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( English Player ) : GameLand CZ / SK: Come and play on a server where we like Slime Fun but also a good game or a fair fight. Slime Fun is slightly improved and spawners are a bit more widespread. On the server are Cars, Crack Shot Firearms, 9 types of voting chests, gasoline, Server Farms on the drop, 2x spawn, Event zone, Beginner and advanced youtubers, casino with JACKPOT, Server shop with redemption voting key and other fun through parkour up after deadly matches in the Army Arena or Octagon Arena. Resky are 5000 cubic !!! There will also be server events as well as youtuber and player events for RANKS or other conveniences. PVP arenas are more for better combat efficiency and the most popular is our would-be submarine Quake arena. You must find the End portal from the End Castle from which the road leads there. But there are traps and murderous creatures, so we will train you on our Ninja parkuro where you will immediately win samurai armor and others .. Join and show what kind of builder you are ... Then I will definitely not forget to connect to Discord: where we will hopefully send you a photo of the server where you will have all possible commands or go through the boards to / spawn and / warp auto !!! For rewards from voting, Craftlist can like them and like the link to the entire lists of Minecraft servers is here: and

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Rank #60
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Online players 1 / 1410065407
Version 1.17.1
Score 3995 (799 votes)
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