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Hi, invite to our survival server WildTown. Pche you think we're like a different survival... But I'm going to mislead you with these facts! The ♚ Plugins - Features Animation for trees. Yes, you'll see an animation of a tree falling in our country. The best part is that sapling will plant itself. HealthBar. On the server we have a heart indicator for both entities and players. Did you die? Never mind. Your belongings will remain in a corpse that will form where you died and respawne after picking up a corpse. Hoppers. Hoppers can be used in more ways. How? E.g. as such a class that sends blocks to chestky.. (plugin somehow angry.. possible bugs) Joby. You'll make easy money with us. Either quests or work. Command - /job or /work, /quests Skilly. You want to figure out your character? Slightly.. With us, you can upgrade max. health or max. attack damage, and much more. /skills command Stacker. Can't you combine what such a plugin can do under the term stacker? Simple. All blocks of the same kind that are on the ground are basically teleported to one place. So the end of the search for the blocks. Residence - Residence is a very useful antigrief thing... You want to protect your house? Thanks to this lying one. Tutorial on creating residence - /res Shop. Shop is quite a useful thing when you have enough money and you want to spend.. Here you can buy blocks or sell them also Custom enchanty a custom anvil. Yes, you'll also find custom enchanty... What kind, for example? Knockback to height or e.g. Increase loot from mobs. Both have custom Menu. The ♚ Plugins - Entertainment Particles. For VIPs and soon even for players, there are some particles available as effects for beautifying the game. Trampoline. Is that a joke? I really don't. On the server we have the slimeblock functionality set so that as soon as you climb on it, it shoots you up Knocking on the door. You're not calling a friend right now, but you know he's on the server? Light.. Just tap the door. The ♚ How to connect? IP: Web : you can use private messages or livechat messages on the web for questions. Version : 1.14.4 to 1.15.x Permission for warez : ✔ PS: I've been taking care of the server for a year so no.. server for a month it really is not and all banner

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