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INTRODUCTION If you want to have a truly one-of-a-kind survival experience, our server is the go-to place! Take a stroll through the beautiful custom-created world, crossing through breathtaking landscapes along the way; Player-driven economy with no digital balance, but rather currency obtained through gameplay. Play regular survival, take part in events, or complete our own objectives! We aim to establish a server where everyone feels invited and homey, hence - introducing more activities and fun content while keeping the feel of vanilla Minecraft at the same time. Make projects together, build an economy among yourselves, and have a great time out there! PRIORITY We prioritize quality above quantity. We understand that attracting a large player base takes time, so we are doing everything we can to introduce new members to our unique server. We don't expect you to remain here long, and not every server has to, but if you choose a server solely based on its player count, you are judging wrong and ignoring all it's benefits.

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