A vanilla server with just a little bit extra!

We have different world terrain generation, player graves, /home, and more! Be sure to read the rules upon joining the server! Join the Discord server! The community is super chill, and so are the staff. The server includes player graves, new terrain generation, and player particles for donating members!


McMMO Crates Player Graves Player particles Backpacks Better dogs Grappling hooks Integrated Discord Play Time PvP toggle


  1. No griefing. This includes Stealing items and Killing player's Pets
  2. No PvP unless all parties agree.
  3. You must build at least 50 blocks away from strangers.
  4. Keep the swearing down and avoid NSFW chat.
  5. Abusing glitches is forbidden.
  6. Players with Inappropriate usernames will be removed.
  7. Entering another player's base without permission is Trespassing.
  8. Be respectful to others. Racist, Demeaning, or otherwise hateful comments Will not be tolerated.
  9. Unclaimed bases are fair game. Claims expire after 90 days of inactivity unless the claim has 10,000 blocks.
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