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Valexium Factions Hosted in Sydney, Australia. Versions Supported: 1.8 to Latest ┃King of the Hill events where you can dominate your opponents for rewards! ┃Darkzone an off grid world for combat enthusiasts, only three exits. ┃Meteors drop frequently within Darkzone, they are a fast way to obtain rare items! ┃Boss Fights occur on an interval within Darkzone! ┃Custom Enchants, visit the Enchant Guru to see his item enhancements! ┃Masks apply visual and tangible enhancements to your armour! ┃Hunger Games can be played alongside factions! ┃Custom Parkour, rewards at the finish line. ┃Outposts for you to capture, controlling teams earn rewards! ┃Raid Outpost for you to raid and plunder, winning faction earns rewards! ┃Sand Bots, robots who automatically fill your cannons with sand. ┃Levels obtainable with in-game cash! ┃Duels, vs your opponent in our custom duel arenas! ┃Active Staff, we are always looking for additions to our friendly staff team. There is much to see and do on Valexium, come and see for yourself :) Server IP:

Valexium Factions┃OCE banner

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Rank #138
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Online players 4 / 100
Version 1.7.5
Wine 1.8.8
Score 96 (4 votes)
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