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Java Minecraft 1.19.2-1.19.4

Looking for a new Minecraft server to call home? Looking for an active, growing community? Look No Further! We have crafted a custom experience with our game modes: Survival and KitPVP.

Survival Features:

  • Custom Weapons and Armor

  • Custom Ore Generation

  • Custom Food and Seeds

  • Custom Generated Worlds (aka Dimensions)

  • Quests with Server Lore and Rewards

  • Temperature with Seasons

  • Economy with Player Shops

  • Traditional MCMMO Skills

  • & Much More!

KitPVP Features:

  • Unique Kit Loadouts

  • Custom Capture Points and Buffs

  • Custom Potion Crafting Mechanics

  • Rewards and Scoreboards

  • Economy with Server Shops

  • & Much More!

UltimaRatioMC: Custom SMP and KitPVP thumbnail